Day 9 〣 Colorado Trail Journal

by | Aug 11, 2020

19.9 miles today
164.1 miles total

Do you ever go through an entire spectrum of emotions in 1 day? Well I have.

This morning was perfection. It was warmer than usual and I left camp at a great time. The 11 miles in the morning were great. Challenging in a couple of stretches, but not exhausting. And there were a lot of easy flatish stretches through the forest where I had time to think. My mind was clear.

Then comes miles 11-15 ? I might as well have been a sailor with all the cursing coming from my mouth. I hit a fresh blister the wrong way which made every skin cell on my body tingle. Then my feet had to overcompensate for the pain, which made them ache crazy. I also might have been under in calories for the day because I was feeling pretty light-headed. Yeah, those 5 miles sucked.

When I came to my break spot at mile 15, I collapsed. Sat there doing nothing for a good 15 minutes, then decided to pull myself out of it. I ate, drank some electrolytes and took some Excedrin for the pain and to give me a boost of energy.

I was able to finish the last few miles and complete my goal for the day ? But man, that middle section almost did me in!