Day 10 〣 Colorado Trail Journal

by | Aug 12, 2020

13.9 miles today
178.0 miles total

Today my main goal was to get to town. I found a lovely trail angel to drive me all the way from Twin Lakes to my Airbnb in Leadville and I didn’t want her to have to wait around for me. So that means I had to hike almost 14 miles by 11:30am.

Challenge accepted.

I was packed and hiking by 5:30am. It was just dark enough that I had to use my headlamp for the first 30 min. The main landscape of the day was forests. Beautiful thick evergreen and aspen forests.

The trail was actually a little busier than I’m used to because this section is where the CT intersects trails to Mt Elbert and Mt Massive (the two popular 14’ers in the area). It was so cool to see people of all ages taking on these mountains!

I made such good time today that I actually accomplished the 10 by 10 challenge (10mi by 10am) as well! ???

After huffing it for 13.9 miles, I made it to the meeting point where my trail angel gave me a lift ?

If you’ve never heard of trail angels or trail magic before, it’s basically a network of Good Samaritans that help out people on the trail providing rides, food, etc to help thru-hikers on their journey. I freaking LOVE this concept. People are awesome ❤️ It makes you think, “How can I provide “trail magic” in my everyday life? And if everyone adopted this, how much better could the world be?”