Day 8 〣 Colorado Trail Journal

by | Aug 10, 2020

22.0 miles today
144.2 miles total

This morning was COLD. I wake up at 5:00 every morning so that I can start hiking at 6:00, and this morning was particularly chilly. It makes it a little harder to get out of my quilt, but I would rather be cold for a couple hours than miss the sunrise.

The hike started with a stroll through a valley. The sun was riding behind me, but I kept looking back so I wouldn’t miss it ? The valley was filled with wildflowers and there was a stream that kept me company along the way.

As I ascended above the treeline I had a beautiful view of the valley below. The trail led me to Searle Pass, which ended up being the entr entrance to a whole new set of mountains and a gorgeous valley below. I was in awe and overwhelmed with gratitude.

The rest of the day too me through forests and a couple of short road walks (which I welcomed after all of the elevation changes). I also passed the ruins of an old WWII training facility called Camp Hale. You know it’s legit when there are signs that read “DANGER Explosive Hazard! Do Not Touch!” in the area.

I hiked a total of 22 miles today ? A personal record ? Excited to see what else I am capable of on this journey!