Day 6 〣 Colorado Trail Journal

by | Aug 5, 2020

15.8 miles today
104.4 miles total

I’m not going to lie, it was head to sleep last night knowing that I would get to see Grant today! I miss that guy like crazy ? As soon as my alarm went off at 5am I was up and packing! Usually it takes me an hour to pack up camp, eat and get water, but today I did it in 40 min ?

The moon and a dawning sky accompanied me for the first hour of the hike. I heard the howling of a pack of wolves and thought, nature sure it’s wonderful… Until I realized the howling was coming from a dog kennel in the middle of the forest! It kinda stole the magic for a second ? Who puts a dog kennel in the middle of the woods?!

I pressed on for the first 5 miles reaching the highest point if the day by 8am, followed by a 10 mile descent into Breckenridge where I will have my first rest days! I was so focused on finishing these miles that I totally passed a moose without even noticing until a group of mountain bikers coming from the other direction yelled and pointed it out ?

I’m tired and by body is feeling the miles, but I actually feel great! Looks like all those hours in the cardio cinema are paying off!

Spent a few days in Breckenridge haning in town and hiking Copper Mountain with friends!