Day 23 〣 Colorado Trail Journal

by | Aug 27, 2020

17.1 miles today
399.0 miles total

It rained for HOURS last night. And not just like a drizzle… hard windy rain ? It was a little nerve wracking because I just kept picturing my stakes flying out of the ground, and having to fix it in the middle of the storm. Luckily I also weighed everything down with rocks so in the end it was fine, but I was still nervous!!

I let myself sleep in a little and didn’t get up until 6am instead the usual 5:15. It was cold and I wasn’t looking forward to having away a wet tent so I procrastinated as long as I could ?

The hike today was definitely challenging, but again the views were spectacular! I also saw 5 moose and 3 elk in my first valley of the day!

The weather here is crazy unpredictable. It can be clear ask morning, but at 1:00 you start to see dark clouds in all different directions and you’ll have no idea if it’s coming your way or not ?

Around 1:30 I was seeing the ominous sky, but really want sure, but I didn’t hear any thunder or lightening so I kept going. It was extremely questionable for those last 3 miles. There’s not a lot of tree cover where I am at 12,000ft+ so it can be dangerous to keep walking without shelter. But my instincts ended up being correct and it didn’t rain until after I got to camp ? And there was even time for my tent to dry before the rain started ??