Alum Cave Trail 〣 A Hiker’s Week in North Carolina

by | Nov 12, 2020

Day 6 ⫸ Alum Cave Trail

12 miles ◈ 3000ft elevation gain ◈ scenic overlooks

Today is “Victory Hike” Day! We have built up to this all week and now it’s time to really push ourselves. It was the longest and highest hike(in elevation gain) that Grant’s ever done, so he was a little nervous at the beginning. I think a lot of those nerves went by the wayside when we got to the trailhead and saw the parking lot already filling up with hikers. It’s comforting to see lots of other hikers on the trail because it shows you that it’s definitely possible to complete.

The first mile was easy and beautiful as the trail hugged a picturesque forest stream. At mile 1.3 the trail wound through Arch Rock and continued up to reach Alum Cave Bluff. The bluff was an impressive rock formation with an amazing view. From here, the real elevation gain began. Up! Up! Up! We went over and around the mountains until we finally made it to the top of Mount LeConte at 6,594ft. Once at the top another hiker told us about an epic view at a place called Myrtle Point, which was only about another half mile. We couldn’t make it this far without see this! I could tell Grant was done, and he could tell I really wanted to go, so he basically said, “Ok, let’s do this…” He’s my angel! So onward we went until we reached the beautiful Myrtle Point where we stopped to rest and enjoy before embarking on the 6 mile trek back.

Grant was a trooper! He stayed positive and completed the hike like a champ.

Push yourself. Do something hard. Your life will be better for it!

*P.S. This trail is technically in the Tennessee part of Great Smoky Mountain National Park ?

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