Lover’s Leap Trail 〣 Hot Springs, North Carolina

by | Feb 2, 2021

I just love how an area can looks so different in each season. We were in North Carolina this past October where we drove, hiked and explored the mountains as they were littered with the colors of autumn. Yellow, orange, and red leaves transformed the “Green Tunnel” into a beautiful, cozy playground.

Last month my wonderful husband surprised me with a weekend trip in the mountains for my birthday! So we were back in one of my favorite places, but it felt completely different. The colors of fall are long gone, and the trees stand bare against the cold wind blowing through the valleys. It was beautiful in a completely new way ❤

We chose Lover’s Leap Trail for our short day hike in Hot Springs; a small town tucked away in the Smokies. Seriously is the cutest little hiker town that I can’t wait to go back to for some white water rafting in the summer! the Appalachian Trail goes straight through the town making it the perfect stop for thru-hikers to rest and recharge.

Lover’s Leap Trial is a 2 mile loop that intersects the AT, hugs the French Broad River and takes you on a short (but very rewarding) hike up the mountain to a beautiful overlook. It was a chilly January morning, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scene in front of us. We sat at the top taking in the view, when it started to snow. Not like a crazy snow storm, but a light flurry that just added to the magical moment. It made the hike back down feel other-worldly, like we were in a movie montage of that moment where everything is perfect. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better birthday present!

Next time you find yourself in Asheville, I highly recommend this hike and the day trip to Hot Springs!

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