Day 28 〣 Colorado Trail Journal

by | Sep 1, 2020

21.1 miles today
481.5 miles total


That’s what I dealt with this morning. I’m so close to finishing, but man I was over it!

Last night I was the victim of a pretty viscous wind/rain storm.

All. Night. Long.

I felt like my tent was going to fly was l away with me inside. It was awful.

Then morning comes. After one last storm around 6am, it all just stops. I get out of my tent and it’s like nothing happened. And on top of that there’s a gorgeous sunrise ? After all it put me through last night, Nature is just gonna act like that! Oh I see what’s happening here! It’s a conspiracy for sure!

I angrily pack everything up and get on the trail. The first 7 miles of my home today we’re the last hard miles of the entire trail, and boy was I not having it this morning. The wind was ridiculous again. It’s like it was trying to break me down. At one point we had a screaming match at the top of a peak. The wind won, obviously. It didn’t hear a word I said ?

After those 7 miles I took a break, got some water and ate second breakfast. It’s amazing what good moment it zen will do for your spirit. I apologized to the wind and moved forward.

With the hard part behind me, the rest of the day was actually quite enjoyable. I was able to pick up my pace and get over 20 miles in.

With only 8.7 miles left, I should be completing the trail in the morning! ?