Day 20 〣 Colorado Trail Journal

by | Aug 23, 2020

21.4 miles today
350.6 miles total

Finally finished with the endless road-walks and cow pastures ???

Today was hard, but lovely.

It started through a beautiful valley that followed Cochetopa Creek for miles.

I had 3 ascents in the second half of the day (which I try to not do, but sometimes that’s how it works out ?).

I have a new method for steep ascents that I think is really working for me.

I breathe in sync with my steps.
In – right foot
Out – left foot
At 100 breaths I’m allowed to stop for 20 breaths.
If I don’t need to stop at 100, then I go for 100 more.
And so on, until I reach the top.

It becomes kinda meditative. It takes my mind off of the “I’m going to die” thoughts, and let’s me distract myself with counting. It also keeps me breathing at a steady pace, which I think is helping me go further between pauses.

Anyways, it feels so good to be back in the mountains, even though it means I had significantly more climbs today. Completely worth it ❤️

I have my knee problem under control for now, between the compression sleeve and some Excedrin/Aleve for the pain. I think I’ll definitely make it into town tomorrow ?