Day 17 〣 Colorado Trail Journal

by | Aug 20, 2020

22.1 miles today
283.8 miles total

Back on the trail after a wonderful zero with Grant, Dory and James in Salida ❤️

I decided that it was time to do another big mile day since I officially completed the challenging Collegiate West route. So 22 miles it is!

It was great day to push more miles beside I didn’t have any significant climbs. It was lovely to walk door the first 15 miles and actually have more time to look around and think.

Then the last 7 miles were pretty difficult, mainly just because it was the end of the day and my feet were getting really pissed at me ?

Hung out with some other hikers at the creek by my campsite as they were getting water before they continued on (since I seen to be the only weird on that starts hiking at 6am and finishes before 4pm). Anyways, really nice people and I hope to see then again over the next few days ?

Now I’m sitting outside my tent waiting for the sun to go down and watching a spastic, plump chipmunk get a little too familiar with my stuff ?. If I wake up to him in my tent, we are going to have some problems!