Day 3 〣 Art Loeb Trail

by | Aug 4, 2021

8.4 miles today
30.1 miles total

We camped on top of the mountain, which is great for views but oh so windy at night!

It also rained for an hour right before we had to pack up, which always makes for a fun camp break-down.

Today we hiked through Shining Rock Wilderness and it did not disappoint. Beautiful sunrise with epic views made for an unforgettable morning.

The last 4 miles is the hike were downhill. You’d think that would be easy after all the ascents we went through over the last few days, but man did our legs feel like Jell-O by the end!

But we freaking finished!

I’m so proud of Grant for pushing through, even when this was probably not the best hike for a beginner… He must really love me 🙂