Day 1 〣 Art Loeb Trail

by | Aug 2, 2021

10.5 miles today

We started the day right before first light. I’m so grateful to be back on trail and excited to show Grant my hiking world ♥️

Everything is so green right now. Being back in the forest feels like I can finally breath again. The Pisgah National Forest it’s enchanting as the mist slowly comes and goes as the day moves on.

This trail is rated “difficult” and that was definitely evident in this first day. We planned to go 12 miles, but stopped at 10.5 to rest our bodies and decide if it was a good idea to finish the trail. It might have been a little too ambitious to put on someone for their first hike.

After discussing our options we decided to move forward slowly tomorrow and take advantage of 2 bail-out points (road crossings where we could get hitch) if necessary.

It’s important to push yourself, but it’s equally important to listen to your body and know your limits.

So we moving forward, but with a plan to stay safe ?